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Areas of Expertise

Self-Esteem Therapy

Life doesn't come with an owner's manual and sometimes we run low on essential concepts.  We doubt ourselves.  We beat ourselves up.  We underestimate ourselves. It's not the struggle that defines us, it's the way we respond to it.  Let's brush our shoulders off and reintroduce ourselves to the world.


Anxiety can be debilitating and manifests itself in many ways.  Understanding how it works is the first phase, but the most important phase is learning how to combat it!  Let's take a look at what is going on around us and devise a strategy to win.


There are many different reasons for depression and varying symptoms to diagnose it.  If your mood is interfering with your work and social functioning, it is a good time for us to have a conversation.  We can do this together! 


Daniell is a United States Air Force veteran who served during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He received his Master of Social Work from California State University – East Bay and has extensive training treating self-esteem issues, anxiety, depression, PTSD and mood disorders.  He has interest and expertise in providing solution-focused, evidence-based, trauma-informed treatment for adults, adolescents, couples and families.  Daniell has worked in a variety of treatment settings including inpatient psychiatric facilities, community mental health clinics and assisted-living facilities.  He is trained as an eclectic practitioner and strives to facilitate meaningful and lasting change by a safe place to reflect, process and improve well-being.

My Approach
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